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Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish, 80+ Mosquitoes
+ we service
Tubes in the Walls + Bed Bugs,
+Fleas and ticks + Subterranean Termites + Formosan and
Imported termites+ Our Exclusive $2,000,000.00* LIFETIME  
    Termite Damage Warranty +Exclusive treatment with 30 years
experience treating Drywood Termites with Forever Residual
treatments, without the
$39* a month    
We want to make you happy, always giving 5 stars service
*call for details

Exclusive installation of Our "Termite-Grenade" which stops
termites in the ground within hours of contact.  Effective on all
Subterranean Termite Species.  A Unique feature of the
Termite-Grenade is the way it explodes the termite attractant in a
10 feet radius from where its installed in the ground. This works
similar to the music from the Ice cream truck when children
follow the sound to find the ice cream they crave, the termites
follow the attractant to find the pure cellulose they crave.  After
just one scoop they loose the ability to eat more, but not before
they have invited all their buddies.  Before long they all die from
a small precision treatment which is replaced on a unique
scientific schedule.  Technically these need only be installed
every 20 feet to be effective but they are installed every   9 to 12
feet to provide a solid wall of termite protection around your

We even sweep the spider webs, and knock down wasp nests

407-577-1900    or     863-777-1900

The office is Located at 7208 W. Sand lake Rd, Suite 305,
Orlando, Fla 32819 because its in the middle of our service area
which cover almost all of Orange county, but not east of
Bonnieville Rd, Kissimmee pest and termite, St. Cloud termite
and pest control, Zellwood, Altamonte Springs, LAKE NONA
termite and pest control, Davenport, Clermont, Winter Haven,
Metro West termite and pest control, Orlando Pest Control,
Conway pest control, UCF, St. Cloud and everywhere in between

Once upon a time, back in 1947, J.H. Henderson moved to Ft.
Christmas, Florida. He went to Boone High School before joining
the U.S. Army as a private. Having completed his tour of duty in
Korea and Germany he left as a Sargent and moved to Apopka
where his sister was living with her family.

After the Army, he entered the pest control industry in 1954 and
in 1956 marrying the girl next door, Patsy an Honor student
graduate from Apopka High School. In 1958, he successfully
passed the State of Florida exams for Pest Control, Termite, and
Fumigation and has Certificate #409. In 1959 the first of his 2
children were born, and in 1963 the second.

His first born is his son Johnie A. who followed his father
around with a half-gallon B&G sprayer, filled with water of
course. Until the son was in high school and old enough to drive
and work [of course prior to 16 he worked the summer of age 15
on a subterranean termite crew with Orkin drilling holes and
patching them]. Having been diagnosed with Aspergers at 13 he
constantly struggled to learn as much as possible and hide his
disability because of the ignorance of those times.

Johnie A. attended Lake Brantley High School where in
Cooperative Education Clubs of Florida he won a trophy for his
Occupational interest manual about his Career Goal of Pest
Control in 1978 and graduated later that same year. He also
completed 4 hours of C.E.U.s in April of 1978 in night courses at
Valencia Community College taught by Charlie Wetherington.
And continued the learning experience taking part time courses
at Seminole community College until completing his A.A.

Johnie A. completed his State of Florida Certifications in Pest
Control, Termite, and Fumigation in 1985, and Georgia in 1986,
South Carolina and Virginia in 2004. In 2008 Johnie A. was
seriously injured in a horrific accident caused by a supplier but
he continued to work with the help of epidural spine injections.
Several surgeries in 2009 relieved the upper body injuries of pain
[along with a medicine which also created memory problems].
Unfortunately, by 2011 having received the maximum allowable
injections and still writhing in pain he was forced to pursue a
less physically demanding career outside of the Pest industry.

Teaching kindergarten for 3 years as well as teens and adults in
English as a second language was a delightful journey. Nothing
is more endearing to the heart than teaching.

A gifted surgeon, Dr Yoon in Atlanta at the Emory Spine center
performed a third surgery which cured the endless pain and
made it possible for Johnie A. to venture back into his destiny in  
Pest Control. He had been out of the industry for a while and
really wanted to be up to date with technology and skills so he
enrolled in Pest Management University by The University of
Florida and completed both the foundation and masters courses
in both pest control and termite before going on to re-examine
for the State exams for which he scored 94 & 95 both times
finishing in record time.

Having seen his father active in both Kiwanis [where he helped
lay the foundations of Great Oaks Village in Orlando ] and
Church, Johnie A. had also been involved in church and several
service organizations including President of Sertoma, Secretary
of Rotary, and active in Kiwanis , Optimists club , and lifetime
Honorary Member of the Florida Sheriffs association. Having
always believed that care of children is the important
cornerstone of society Johnie A. began making jewelry as
Christmas gifts for the neglected and abused children in both
Great Oaks Village and The Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches . And
bonus food donations for making Stromboli for the kids at
Edgewood youth ranch . Dedication of service to the community
is a way of life. His personal moto is Be of Benefit to Society.

Understanding that the economy has changed for so many
people and the current economic recovery is improving at a slow
pace. Johnie A. has decided to incorporate a very generous
service into the overall service Pest Control program for Roaches
[water bugs], Ants, Mice, Spiders, Scorpions, Centipedes, etc,
and one which provides a for Very discounted prices for
Subterranean termites including the highly destructive Formosan

For over sixty years our family has been one of Central Florida's
preeminant experts in handling most pest problems, including:
Termites Roaches, Ants, Mice, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Ticks,
Scorpions, Spiders, Fleas, Rats and more.

The regions of Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola counties
within the City of Orlando span Proserve's extensive pest-control
service area, as well as much of Polk county, including Winter
Haven, Davenport, Four Corners, Haines City, etc.

Our family has been Servicing Central Florida Since 1954,
Proserve-Henderson Pest Elimination LLC provides Pest Control
Services to all of Orlando, including the communities of Bay Hill
Pest Control, Buenaventura Lakes (BVL) Roaches, Celebration
Lifetime termite warranty, College Park, Conway, Hunter's Creek,
Lake Hart, Lake Nona termite warranty(often misspoke as termite
bond), and Pine Hills pest control, as well as Orlando's
neighboring cities of Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Belle Isle,
Clermont, Haines City, Kissimmee drywood termites, Maitland,
Windermere termite warranty, Winter Garden pest control and
termites, Winter Park, Winter Haven, Davenport, Four Corners aka
Citrus Ridge and more.

Solve Your Pest Problem Today!
1-863-777-1900    or     1-407-577-1900

BEDBUG Preparations
I understand that I may need to arrange for family members or
friends to help me prepare.     ALL Clothing and bedding must be
removed from the property and washed at a commercial laundry
in HOT water only and dried on the highest heat temperature,
items that  cannot be laundered at these high temperatures must
be professionally cleaned, and right out of the drier placed in
new giant zip-lock plastic bags. Separate washable from non
washable items.

Non washable items to be taken to the dry cleaners and clearly
mark for the cleaner to know and deal with the problem. Dry
cleaners must be advised that they may not reuse the plastic
bags the clothing was brought in. Store all cleaned items in an
outside storage facility until treatment is done [usually just a
single day for the initial treatment]  They can be returned to the
home after the initial treatment but should remain sealed until
after the completion of all the treatments scheduled      
Remove all lose items from the floor and all items must be moved
3 feet away from the baseboards, including toys, etc.
Washable toys are to be washed with hot water with bleach if
possible [according to the label of the product].          
I understand that my thorough cleaning of the home in advance
of the treatment is necessary make it more effective. The best
cleaning is to vacuum the floors, drapes, baseboards. Vacuum
cleared closets, shelves, drawers, etc.
Be sure to remove the vacuum bag outside, tape it shut and
place it in the dumpster.         
All furniture must be moved 3 feet from the walls. Closets and all
floors must be cleared of any objects.            
All shelves must be cleared of any objects.            
Empty all dresser and night stand drawers and remove drawer
from dresser or night stand.           
Remove all items from the floors. Remove all items under
Stuffed animals should be placed in a clothes dryer on high
setting for 10 minutes then sealed in plastic bags for 2 weeks,
these and other toys, by LAW cannot be treated with any
Plastic items must be taken outside and thoroughly cleaned with
hot water and bleach according to the labels, including plastic
Mattresses, box springs, furniture and the home will be treated
according to the label for each area of treatment
On the day of treatment:         If you have a pet, the pet must be
removed from the home for at least 4 hours following the
treatment and cannot be present for the treatment.
Fish tanks need to be covered and sealed in plastic and air pump
turned off for a 4 hour period, following
Children 10 and under must vacate the apartment during and for
a four (4) hour period following treatment as an extra precaution.
Anyone that is pregnant, has asthma, heart conditions, or any
other respiratory problems must vacate the unit prior to
treatment and must consult with their physician as to when they
can safely reenter the home.         

EXTRA CHARGE OF $70*To treat items that cannot be sprayed
directly with a liquid, such as, electronics, video games, DVDs,
books, shoes, purses, or other bed bug harborages. Place items
inside the garage floor to be covered with Our 3 mil thick plastic
tarp with our special treatment for these items.
Proserve-Henderson Pest Elimination LLC  
"Affordable Quality Services"